Tanner Structural Designs Ltd

About us.

We are a consulting engineering firm operating from our premises in Fermoy, Co. Cork, providing structural engineering services to the low-energy and passivhaus market throughout Ireland and the UK. We specialise in the design of all forms of insulated foundations/passive slabs and the design of timber frame structures, along with the more common forms of construction including steel and concrete frame, masonry and Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF).

We are a dynamic and forward thinking team of engineers, always looking to innovate and provide cost-effective solutions that meet and exceed the evermore demanding requirements of changing building regulations.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your project and see if we can provide a service that meets your requirement.

We give you the best.


Structural Design

We have experience in the design of structural elements for houses, commercial buildings,  industrial buildings, including pharmaceutical buildings and workshops, warehouses, and schools.


Construction Supervision

We are able to monitor/supervie the construction of all the projects we design. We also regularly monitor the construction of projects where planning permission has already been obtained.

What we do.


We are involved in many emerging house technologies using different materials to maximise the thermal efficiencies and comfort levels in houses, including a number of passive houses.

Commercial Buildings

We have been involved in a number of commercial buildings from refurbishments to large commercial units/apartment blocks, generally working as part of a design team.


We have experience in designing warehouse structures, including large steel portal frames, concrete floors, including insulated cold-room floors, and piled foundations.


We have been involved in the design process for some schools, again working as part of a design team.

Industrial Buildings

We provided the civil and structural design for the Enterprise Centre at the Ecovillage in Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary, which involved applying sustainable principles to a larger scale building.

Retaining Walls

We have also designed retaining walls in reinforced concrete and in other materials such as Timbacrib or stone gabion baskets.

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